Mission Statement

Why Choose Roger’s Realty

It would seem appropriate that the management of a real estate brokerage firm declare, up front, their mission statement in writing for all to witness.  This will allow prospective clients to make prudent decisions with reliance on the degree of integrity and dedication the firm has sustained in compliance to their earlier mission statement.  An absolute and valid prerequisite before one could make a final determination as to whether or not a firm’s claim to have “All The Right Stuff” is fact or fiction.

Roger’s Realty Mission Statement:

Provide accurate detailed property values; render expert advice for effective timing,
Skillfully negotiate transactions with commitment & loyalty to our client’s goals.

Roger’s Realty, steeped in local history has continued with the same traditional business model as owner/founder Roger McKinnon established early on with Roger’s Gardens. Listening to a client’s objectives, delivering beyond their expectations, being fanatical for details, swift follow ups and 24 karat TLC, are the corner stones of the brokerage. Practicing fundamental core values, as handed down from Charles McKinnon, Roger’s father who throughout his 65 year tenure, embraced the Golden Rule with emphasis on excellence in service.

You may ask; “yes, but everyone has a similar song to sing.”  Well, our song remains rather simple by comparison as posted on our website.  Our client testimonials will undoubtedly overshadow other firm’s that most often promote massive amounts of marketing hype and whoop-de-la comingled with an international marketing twist.  In our case, over forty years of fan mail testimonials will assuredly validate our song and that we have nothing yet to prove. We are of the belief that the only realities in life are results……and this is our song and dance.

Roger’s Realty’s 40 years of service excellence is due to our “Song and Dance” and surely not merely happenstance type permanency as confirmed by our faithful clientele.

Roger McKinnon